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living la vida! [Dec. 20th, 2007|05:26 pm]
here i am sitting literally in paradise, finally updating this journal.  we have been traveling around guatemala for about 6 weeks now.  though we did have a great little long weekend in new york with dan anddabblersupreme  on our way down.  it is warm and gorgeous here.  a couple of weeks ago we were in a small village called san pedro on lake atitlan, and we ran into an old friend of mine i had met in thailand 7 years ago.  she has a hotel and restaurant here on the lake but in a village called santa cruz. islaverde and her manager and cook were going home for the holidays, so here we are helping out. thomas has turned to be an excellent chef.  he has always been at home, but we did not know how it might go in a restaurant, but all is well. 

however i have to say we had quite the night last night.  it was our first official day on the job, and we managed to get back to our bungalow around 2230, and when we were going to bed, we heard a really strange noise, but thomas convinced me it was only the water running in the bathroom.  however about an hour later our phone kept ringing and when i went outside to answer it in the light of the moon. i found an amazing site. there was a huge ring of fire burning in the hillside about 100 meters from the hotel.  and it was spreading fast.  it was an incredible site to behold, basically in the passing of two hours and entire mountainside was consumed.  due the quick thinking and acting of some of the locals here the hotel was saved, completely, but it is strange to see a huge black mountainside beginning only a few meters from the hotel.  we are all very grateful that nobody was hurt and no buildings destroyed.

so now it is into the christmas season in a tropical paradise.  my friend ana even has a little boy a few months older than zoe  so they are having christmas together. should be a lot of fun. though zoe will probably just get empty packages, one, because unwrapping them is always far more interesting than what is inside, and second because there is just no more room in our backpacks!  on the zoe note, i have been updating her website, with a few videos (courtesy of papa) and more photo galleries, though admittedly i am bit behind on her diary.  but the hotel here has wireless internet, so i should have time not only to finish updating but also to check our what you all have been doing these last couple of months.  but anyway,  feel free to check out her site scubazoe.  hope this finds everyone well, and enjoy your holidays!
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the fall is here [Oct. 10th, 2007|11:03 am]
there are a million and one things i should be doing to get ready to go. but of course i am not feeling motivated, so i am finding all the other things to do instead.  story of my life.  so we have had pretty good weather here for awhile,  nice that it is not raining.  zoe decided she wanted to be outside, and being the determined child she is, we went out.  it was good to get a bit of fresh air. she ran around in the yard while i raked leaves, and i just could not resist but take a few pics to celebrate this beautiful fall weather.  

and then on sunday we went swimming.  so i have to put this one up. my two favorite people.  what a pair!

the monster has just come and crawled up on my lap. she is so cute it is hard to deny her the attention she is seeking, however i just have to say yesterday she discover that pens and pencils can make markings, so she is goign wild with drawing pictures on every paper she can get her hands on. i am just glad she is sticking to paper for now!  
less than a month until the warmth of guatemala i cannot wait!

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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2007|09:26 am]
[Current Location |sweden]
[Current Mood |busy]
[Current Music |zoe babbling]

okay, i realized it had been awhile since i updated, but i had no idea it had been so long!  i tell you having a child speeds time up a million fold!  well, after a summer of working here in sweden, we are getting ready to head off again.  this time to central america. we even have a stop over in new york for the weekend on the way there to see the lovely mr. and mrs. dabblersupreme.  yipee!  then it is down to guatemala for a bit of spanish lessons and salsa dancing.  i am really looking forward to this trip because though we have been in central america a couple of time before, it was mostly for diving and shorter (2-3 months) trips. this time we have nearly 6 months and though there will be diving, exploration is higher on the menu this time.  i cannot wait!  i am planning on spending most of our time in guatemala and nicaragua, never been to the east coast of nicaragua before.  we fly home in the end of april with another stopover over in nyc on the way back.  it was about $1000  cheaper for us to buy two seperate tickets (copenhangen to ny and ny to guatemala) than it was to buy direct, funny.  i am not complaining always love to stop by at our lovely ny friends and of course our favorite store bhphoto.
i went to the library and checked out all there travel books on the area.  the books are getting me even more excited. but the fact that it is starting to be dark when we leave for work, and dark not long after we come home is really getting me motivated to head out. 

not much else to report. zoe is up and runing about. she is an amazingly happy child, and eats really well. i am so very happy/grateful that we have it so easy as parents.  she is a great little traveller too, man we are lucky.

oh we switched jobs this summer, still doing the same kind of work but at a company here in town so we no longer need to commute 45 minutes each day, each way, so that is very nice.  and i am going to do their website for them. as well, i have another jewelry company here whose website i am working on. and i managed to actually photograph a wedding for pay this summer.  thomas and i have seriously been considering setting up a photo studio here in sweden.   would love to be able to work enough on websites and photographs to be able to quit our current job.  speaking of websites, zoe´s is somewhat up to date if you ever want to get a major dose of cuteness!
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long lost in egypt... [Mar. 23rd, 2007|09:33 am]
[Current Location |dahab, egypt]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |internet cafe mixes...]

 okay, okay, long time no see, and nobody's fault but my own.  i am currently hanging out in dahab egypt with my little crazy, wild, adorable, jumping off the walls, cute as a button daughter.  thomas has been back in sweden for a week, and will not come back down here for another week. so i get to try out this single mom thing, and well, it is not easy!  it doesn't help that zoe is an incredibly active child and crawls and climbs on everything. at the same time i am super busy building websites for some businesses down here, so we can say at the moment i am running on very little sleep!  i cannot wait until thomas gets back!
aside from the lack of sleep things are good.  we are staying here until the end of april, and then we are heading over to nyc for

dabblersupreme's wedding!  yipee!  i cannot wait! we are even going to to get to see jenniferblaufra again! it has been far too long since our super fun week in germany!  and i of course cannot wait for them to meet zoe! 


after that is back to sweden for the summer.  hope it is another beautiful one!  i have quite a bit more to write about but of course my darling daughter is in need of some attention.  however i would like to thank 

jakubicka for reminding me how crap i am at writing in here that i need to get my butt in gear. though i have a bit of an excuse as the internet does suck here.


oh, i have managed to keep zoe's website fairly up to date, there are even pics of here in cairo at the pyramids, feel free to take a look!  www.scubazoe.info

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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2006|10:22 am]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |ben harper - ashes]

oooh, i am on a journal roll!  i guess it is feast or famine with me.  so this is another happy entry.  being a dive instructor and underwater photographer, you can imagine i am quite addicted to diving.  one of the biggest sacrifices for me while being pregnant was to give up diving.  you are not even supposed to dive while trying to get pregnant, so you can imagine it has been a while since i dove, just over a year actually.  i cannot tell you how long that seemed to me, HOWEVER, last sunday i got my fat, non-pregnant butt back in the water.  and despite it being one of the most uninteresting divesites around, ooooh it was good!  i even managed  i am hoping to get some diving in before the weather gets too cold here in sweden.  we are still planning our yearly migration to warmer climes, we are just waiting to get zoe vaccinated, then we are off.  looks like it will probably asia again this year, thomas wants to be a home daddy while i am teaching diving, but then he told me his idea of home daddy was to hire a thai girl to watch zoe whenever she is fussy,  while he lays in a hammock and drinks beer on the beach, hmmm, don´t think he is going to get away with that.
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no getting rid of me now! [Sep. 23rd, 2006|09:12 am]
[Current Music |rufus wainwright - the art teacher]

what a week it is has been,  i do not know if i sat down at all except when riding in cars!   (don´t take me literally on that one!).  but the week ended with two lovely things.  first zoe turned two months old!  i cannot believe it!  time goes so fast!  and second, yesterday i finally became a permanent resident in sweden!  yipee!  that is it folks, no  way to get rid of me now!  whoooo, what a relief, no more interviews, no more waiting for hours at immigration.  thomas cannot even threaten to kick me out any more when i misbehave!  ha!  yes that is right, it is official, i am here and there is nothing you can do about it!

utan tidsbegränsning (no time restriction)  is music to my years!  look out sweden!  only a year and a half more until i can apply for citizenship!

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the greatest fish mobile ever! [Sep. 20th, 2006|08:02 pm]
[Current Music |katie medula - piece by piece]

´so of course life is busy busy busy, but i am loving it.  but this is really just a short post to show all the great mobile that dapplersupremejenniferblaufra and the ever so handy dan made for zoe.  she sleeps in our bed at night, so we hung it over our bed on a pulley system so we can lower and higher it according to our , or zoe´s wishes.  but honestly i think i find myself looking at it as much as zoe!  especially the little orange seahorse!  so cute!
so thank you guys so very much, it is great greatest present ever!  and here is a big smile from zoe, she is acutally laughing her ass off.  it is so cute to see!  
and do notice the scubatoe tee shirt!  our own little babbling advertisement!

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i am baaaaaack! [Sep. 12th, 2006|01:17 pm]

finally!  yes, after six weeks of no internet, we are finally back online.  what a saga!  internet provider A would not release us, internet provider B did not bother to tell us.  upon finally ringing A and demanding they let us go, B then claimed it would take 3 weeks without internet after release, after claiming it would only be one day when we signed up with them!  then 3 weeks actually apparently means 6!  anyway, i am back, but only for a sec at the moment, as zoe has her first doctor´s appointment in 30 minutes, and i still have to feed the monster and pack her up and walk down there!  but at least i managed to get the internet working!  yipee!  looking forward to reading everyone´s journal in the next few days and see what you all have been up to. hope all is well!

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birth announcement [Jul. 29th, 2006|01:30 pm]
proud to present

Born july 22, 2006 
3.855 kg
52.5 cm

after 4 days of labor and an emergency c-section, it was quite the experience, but we are just glad she is with us now.
small temp website up for her at www.scubatoe.com
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(no subject) [Mar. 22nd, 2006|05:51 pm]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |indigo girls - hey jesus]

nearly two months, just have not felt like writing. too many other things seem to be taking priority in life right now. i think most of you know, but i guess i should make it official. i am pregnant! yep, me, of all people having a baby. go figure. i have had some pretty shocked friends. anyway, we are hoping the little munchkin pops out in the middle of july. in the meantime we are going to nepal for three weeks on friday. i am so excited. i love nepal, and have not been there for nearly 6 years!

been very busy with school and work. been reading and writing like mad, and i have worked 32 hours in the last two days. a vacation is going to be nice. i recently wrote a paper for school and was fairly proud of it (my teacher pretty much even accused me  of cheating and having someone write it for me.  honestly, he can go fuck himself, as i spent way too much time on this paper so he would not complain about it as much as he did the first one.  some show of appreciation for my efforts).  too lazy and have too much other homework to translate it, 

i have to say i was quite proud of it, as it is only the second real paper i have ever written in my life. i don´t consider the couple of fake letters i had to write in sfi as proper papers, and i am sure most people would agree.  but taking this class i realize at what a low level of swedish my sfi class ended at.  i suppose i will get there eventually. anyway, off to write another paper!
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